First blog post

Anneyawasseiyo! Konnichiwa! Hola! Hello and Assalam o Alaikum to everyone.

HUH! My very first blog post as the title reveals; asking me what i intend to do with this blog. Literally speaking, I am in love with writing and this is what i intend to do. My jumbled up thoughts or random venting, a little romance or a pinch of poetry, my writers area are grey; not black and white and neither i could say that I am good in this. But what ever i write, it’s just a flow of words straight out of my mind; exactly and promptly speaking; my limbic system has to do a lot with my literature cause it controls my mood. Got a bit nerdy and awkward *laughs*. Right? See. My mood has to do a lot in it.

But no matter what, I believe that life is an endless cycle of awkward situations so we should laugh and cry according to its condition.



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