Paper cuts and superficial wounds. A mild injury that hurts less than a major accident. But what hurts more than a major accident?

Are you thinking about it? the answer I mean? 

Well then let me tell y’all the actual pain!

The pain you feel within your soul.

The wound of flesh barely hurts than the wound of words. One’s tongue can be sharper than a knife and can pierce deeper than a sword. Like a bullet fired straight to the heart. Tearing the soul apart. And you know what happens after such brutality? You never remain the same. It hurts every time, every minute, every second until some one gets to break your walls. Someone who see through the cracks in it and decipher the state that you are left in. But that someone picks up the pieces and put them together in a new pattern. Your soul gets renewed and the hurt seems less.

But what if he/she, who build us up and tear us apart again. Then there wont be any pieces of puzzle rather there would be crumbles of emotions and ashes of life.


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