In my 18 year existence, I learned a lot of things, academically and socially. But what amazed and saddened me was people around me. I saw them wearing smile when their life was wrecked, I saw them happy when they were suffering incredibly and then I came to one and only conclusion; that people have mastered the art of disguise.

Bewilderment and shock is all I felt when i got a glimpse of what their life is all about. I realised that emotional support is much better than having a lavish house or a great father is much better than a personal car. I realised that I was’nt grateful enough. I saw the pain, the anguish of people around me. I saw what love means. I saw that having a family is much better than having none. I realized how blessed I am for having siblings who always poke their nose in my business, ’cause most of the time they are the one who drives me insane and keeps me sane at the same time. I realized that big house is nothing important, an understanding family matters the most. I love it when my mom can tell just by my face that something went wrong and I love it most when I somehow always do a word vomit in front of her. I love the way that she made me so comfortable around her that we can talk about anything and everything. We have our arguments and I totally act like a mad teenager but it’s all okay at the end.

The reason to write all of it is a post I came across today on social media. It was about a girl molested by her servant. No one cared enough to ask her what was wrong, the servant molested her for almost 15 years and one day she manned up and called her elder sis while struggling to save herself from the monster. 15 fudging years.No one noticed. Gosh how can parental and family could be so blind?.

Therefore, I am grateful to have a nosy family, to have an understanding parents and annoying siblings.



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