1_kGwxHKDeqe0T7vtdB7Ic_gHome is where the heart is; they say. I believe it. But as a med student I also know logically that heart is inside a membranous sheath called pericardium, then it is situated between the lungs and enclosed by the ribcage with a muscular layer on top. heart is surrounded and protected; well physically speaking, but emotionally is it really?

Home is where the heart is; but what is home actually? Isn’t it a place where you’re accepted for who you are and not judged. Isn’t it the place we run off to when life becomes overbearing. Or isn’t it the person whom with we can share our feeling without being under scrutiny?

Or does home not exist? Maybe its just a feeling which we get from people and our home keeps changing like a bedouin travelling from place to place; trying to find solace somewhere.

Maybe we all are just passengers riding on a bus, we all have our particular stops, the person we chat with for a while on ride, we end up thinking of them as our home but if their stop comes first and they get off the bus we think they left us but their journey was meant to be just for that particular tenure.


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