The simplest thoughts like, ” I don’t owe anything to anyone”, might have crossed all of our minds. right?

But do we really owe nothing to anyone?

Let’s take a deep breath and ponder…….

Do you owe your life to your mother? A bit hesitant thought crosses our mind if we ever had the misfortune of answering it; that thought would definitely say: ” Yeah, a little bit so.” Afterall she went through excruciating pain just while delivering us.

Do we owe an apology to anyone? “Maybe”; yes maybe we do. Maybe we did something at some particular moment that was an offence to someone.

Do we owe anyone our success? Yes surely we do. Maybe not in a positive way but we all do owe our success to others; people who made us more focused, those who pushed us to our limits and those who aggravated us to the point where we wanted to do something and rub it on their face.

But the million dollar question is; ” If we owe everyone, do they owe us anything?”

“Hell yes.” See, that’s the beauty of world. We owe each other that’s why we often care and build relationships on it. The feeling of gratitude, dependence even loathe all are encircled by the same cycle; that is, owing.


There can be a difference of opinion on the above topic and I would appreciate if you guys share your views too.



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  1. prinunotes says:

    Great post. Adding my 2cents.

    I wouldn’t want the people I owe to expect/demand anything in return for what they did for me. Owing by definition is purely an obligation where I have a choice to return or not to return.

    So, do I owe anyone anything? – hell yes, for all the good they had done to me and because I choose to return.

    Do they owe me anything? – purely depends on them by virtue of their character. I just don’t expect anything in return.

    I feel the very thought of ‘owing’ adds unnecessary pressure and creates forced and fake relationship among people these days. What if there’s a world with no one owing anything to anyone, where people choose to keep giving and sharing without any expectations? That world will probably not have the concept of owing.

    Thanks for inviting us to share our thoughts.


    1. cherry says:

      That’s another way to look at it. And I agree to it as well. Expecting someone to do something for us in return of what we did for them seems sort of mechanical and emotionless. Indeed if everyone keeps on expecting or demanding there won’t be any true relationships left.
      Thanks for your thoughts.

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