Give up

When he first started walking, his mother would always murmur, “Baby steps love, baby steps”.

When he first went to school, he cried. He missed his home.

His first bicycle ride was rough. He fell so many times, got bruised even.

His first love, after all it was first love; was so eventful he almost gave up.

Every magnificent event of his life were a struggle but one thing remained consistent; he almost gave up but didn’t give up.

Who is he?

He is me, you and every other person in this world.

There is a coin with failure and success on each side respectively. An adult would flip that coin once or twice and if the consequences are not in accord with his desire, he would give up. Whereas a child would keep flipping the coin unless he gets what he wants.

What does it teach us?

A child is naive, some would say; maybe yeah. Afterall children are silly at times. But what it teaches us is that failure and success are not two separate paths, but two seperate doors on the same path. If we try door A and it’s a fail then we should try door B. If our path keep leading us to door A and door B is not in the vicinity then we are pessimists. Because there is never two doors, there is always 10 doors and if 2 doors are not towards our goal then try all of them.

Don’t cry before trying all possible ways. Even a baby sways and falls when he take his first step. A kindergartener only miss home for a few days. A child learns bicycling after falling on his butt many times.

And like I said the baby, the child, the pre-schooler is us. We didn’t quit when we were taking our first step then why quit now?

Everything is a struggle when we start, but we can only run after learning to walk.



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