Its been a long time since I have read a book  or novel. A year and a half to be exact. At that time I was at my lowest emotionally and everything I ever liked, didn’t matter anymore. What happened seem petty when I look back now but at that moment it was a source of huge distress and mental trauma.

After 6 month of being emotionally unhealthy and ignorant of my studies, family, hobbies and myself I started to see life in a new light and tried to overcome this immense sadness. As my self-healing journey commenced; life throw another curve ball at me. My maternal grand father passed away (May his soul rest in peace), leaving my mother a mess. And seeing my mom cry is the most heart wrenching thing in the whole world for me. It devastated me.

Fast forwarding to 3 months after that; exam time. I had to prepare for my 2nd year med school exam. I had 2 months to prepare. I put myself together, reconstructed my mind to focus on it.

But one thing remained same, that is I cannot bring myself to read anymore. There was a time I would obsess over a book or novel and read it in 2 hours or a day but now, even if I try, I can’t.

And not reading has affected my sense of writing, my vocabulary and my creativeness.

If you’re reading this, then please let me know how I could focus on reading again. It pains me to not read. But even if I start a book, it fails to capture my attention and I want to obsess over a novel or book again.


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  1. prinunotes says:

    I can totally relate. For me it’s the reverse. As i see…you are pretty consistent with your writing. Think about the days of how difficult it was for you when you start writing, how did it now become a routine, what truly interests you to keep going, Is it a certain place that you always work out of, is it the time of the day…etc? Use a similar framework and move on to the days you used to read. Back in those days, Why did you read those books, what had interested you?
    I’m sure there will be some triggering points from this exercise. Read a similar genre or try something totally new. To start is always a hill climb. My first few books took months to complete.

    Hope this helps. Best wishes.


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