So my last post was a short story called abandoned. Do check it out. I wrote this letter/some what motivational piece. Hope you all enjoy it.


 Last year,
We met at the start of spring. The trees adorn with the beauty of flowers and leaves. And you, you were calm like the ocean before storm. Almost serene. And I slipped into the abyss of that ocean. From thereon we became a part of each other. Like branches on a tree. Inseparable. Maybe the midsummer night calls were the sign of our togetherness or maybe the ice-cream we shared in the afternoon. Those movies we watched at each other’s place and those supportive lessons we gave. Your tears were like pearls to me, wanting to protect them like coral reefs.
I seldom cried but never too much. My secrets weren’t obscured by words of nothingness but yours were hidden like a safe diary. I tried looking for the key of your diary and happiness but found none. Cause you were always the one with walls. But me? Well I was an open book. You read me over and over again. I never built walls, and there was no reason for it; for I knew that the wall will crumble with just your mere knock.
But then the winter approached!
You became just as cold as the winter this year. Drifting away like you were never there. You walls still stood tall with that ego and prudence. And after trying to protect you for so long, I was fatigued. You only had to knock my door to let yourself inside but I always had to punch and kick you walls to even get a peek of whats inside your brain. I always knew that you were insecure but I thought you were strong.
You turned cold and sour. This time your walls are even high so that I can no more penetrate into them. But this time honey; my walls are also built, high enough so that no one could break them. And your knock? For all I know, you won’t be knocking anymore because you have long forgotten me, and even if you knock, I won’t open the door. Not this time. ‘Cause its all I have ever done, only to be defeated and get hurt. So no more.
_A letter from your long-lost friend.


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