I drowned.

I drowned like I had never before.

Lungs filled up to the brim.

I drowned like I never knew how to swim.

I let go of your hand & just stared.

Loosing myself in your gaze.

I drowned in the ocean of daze.

Unaware of the waves.

I drowned so slow,

Firstly in you and slowly without you.

So babe if you care;

Find my bones buried deep in there,

Where hearts are loving,

And souls all shattered.

Where Romeo dies after Juliet.

Look for me in the sky,

Where thunder is hidden by the sunshine.

Look for me in the earth so fine,

Particles all mingled together,

That’s how you and me are;

Together yet separate,

Obscure yet exhibiting,


yet afloat.

_ Cherry




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