The night falls. Thunder striking the sky, heavy rain pelting the brick roof of his lake house. He was shivering even in summer, the night was terrorizing for him. He walked into the kitchen to brew some coffee, he placed himself on the kitchen counter and scrolled through his phone when suddenly,


The lights went out…. and at the same time thunder striked, startled he got up from the kitchen counter, his senses heightened and as soon as his eyes adjusted to the darkness of the night; he started to look for candles. Suddenly he heard some shuffling from the living room, he ignored it thinking that it was absurd of him to assume someone inside when he is alone. Shaking off the thought, he went through the kitchen drawers to look for candles again and lighted three candles simultaneously after placing them on a fork shaped holder. The rain had stopped, but eerie feeling of terror was still intact, he was never scared but tonight, he had a feeling something out of the ordinary was going to happen. This weird feeling had followed him since morning and now the eventful night was so not helpful in calming his nerves.
He walked towards his living room with candles in one hand and decided to close his windows. After being satisfied of his surrounding, he decided to put his mind on rest and catch up on some sleep; he got comfortable on th couch and lied in a foetal position with eyes closed, and he felt the cool breeze nipping his skin…..
His eyes flee open; the candles were blown out too, now this was really stressing him out,he started walking towards the breeze and saw that one of his window was open and as he took a peek outside, he saw a figure adorn in white walking away with the lit candles in his hands. At this hour of night with rain and thunder booming, it was very scary to see someone walking away with lit candles he was so scared that he would have pee’ed himself but after a few seconds he realized that all this time he was numb and could no longer feel his skin, boggled and frightened he hastened towards the couch he had been lying on and what he saw brought him to his knees….
The Angel now occupied his place… he had a scythe in one hand and a candle in the other, the Angel spoke, “You are coming with me.”
And he, no longer could even speak.



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