death was much fun than living.


The sun shines brighter today; or maybe I have opened my eyes a little wider and a little alive. Was I dead for so long?

Damn! It does feel like I have been gone for a long time. I stare at the beautiful sky from the depth of my grave, all the colors mingled together, even the cemetery looks a little more greener now, maybe the world has changed after all or maybe I am alive in an other dimension. Well only time will give the answers to my weird questions.

As I crawled out of the grave, I discovered my skin pale as a vampire and my body uncouth, nudity didn’t bother me at this point because of what occurred in the past, after all being buried alive makes ones skin thicker to small matters such as nudity. As I unceremoniously got on my feet and dusted myself, I saw a cute little kid with a bouquet of roses in his hands crying near a tombstone. I quickly hid behind the tree as I  didn’t want to frighten the child but I soon discovered myself standing in front of a gentleman; flustered I just gawked at him but his facial expressions were schooled like there wasn’t something extra-ordinary present before his eyes. I tried to talk but my sound felt like silent air to him, maybe he was deaf, so I proceed to touch him, he was untethered by it, as if nothing touched him, and that’s how I realized that I was just a ghost here, not a living person.

I was boggled by the thought that I may now be just a ghost, and what I read all along was that ghost can’t feel or be seen, and being alive consist of those two things mostly. Gah! What sins I have committed to be a ghost now, wasn’t dying enough already…. I continued my steps trying not to bump into anyone in the busy streets seemingly forgetting that I maybe just a spirit now, but I soon reminded myself that the possibility is 99% correct and I might have some fun after all, I soon discovered that I can actually walk through people. Hah! that was fun. As everyone was waiting for the signal to turn red so they could cross the street, I decided to be bold and find out if I could be hit by a car or not, crazy idea I know, I mean the worst that could happen is I would die but I was dead already so why not have some jest, and as I suspected I was able to cross the road and cars zoomed through me as if I was wind. The cafe across the street was radiating a delicious smell of coffee and waffles, God I miss waffles, but I don’t think ghost can eat? I definitely should try to eat, I thought to myself. I walked into the cafe and went towards the kitchen, i feasted my eyes on the delicious meal and decided to take a bite, and lo and behold, I could actually touch it, and the mere bite turned into a dozen of waffles being gone and the look of distraught passed on the chef’s face as he saw the plates empty, the waiters kept barking the orders and the chef was going crazy not knowing how the waffles vanished into thin air, and soon the brawl between the waiter and chef commenced and I feeling guilty but giddy flew the scene.

Throughout the day I played pranks on several people, and I especially enjoyed kicking ass of the bullies. I changed one guy’s chocolate ice-cream for poop because he dumped his girlfriend in front of his friends, poor girl cried her heart out in front of so may spectators making fun of her. In the evening, I actually visited an amusement park, roller coasters always made me nauseated, but today was different, I felt like flying with no fears of falling, I also rode a ferris wheel, although it wasn’t fun at all, because ferris wheel is made for lovers and I was up and alone and well dead too but the view was breathtaking although I wasn’t taking any breaths, the sun as it dipped and met the darkness, it looked almost poetic and sad yet magical.

And as the evening turned towards the darkness of night, I felt myself once more disintegrating and disappearing into thin air; and the last thought of mine remained, death was much fun than living.


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