How anxiety feels.



Gasping for air…

A claustrophobic soul in a carton box.

Can’t breathe…

Asking for help, but words are clogged in his throat.

He needs somebody, someone…..Anyone.

“One more day, once more, try again”, he chanted in his mind; dragging the air back inside his lungs, relaxing his chest, coming up for breath and once more just like that he tried to get out of his bed. His body numb, he walks towards the bathroom, opening the medicine cabinet he downs two capsules of antidepressant just so his emotions could become as numb as his body feels. Taking a warm shower, he dressed up and leaves for his job. Midway through his drive, he starts panicking, feeling like he forgot something important, he drives back to his place, checking the locks, entering the house, he checks the shower and taps because in the back of his mind a voice keeps nagging him that something was done wrong or left behind. Shaking, he drags a full breath in and exhale and decides to drive back to work.

Reaching there, he parks the car, turning off the ignition he looks at himself in the side mirror and practice to smile. After spending 5 minutes just to slap a smile on his face he double checks the ignition and locks and walks towards the office.

He greets everyone in a cheery tone, laughs at his colleague’s joke and return to his cubicle. Throughout the day he maintains that pretense and in the evening he retires to his place dreading that the next day he will have to repeat the whole process…..again.


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