Med Diary.

We take our first breath whilst crying, but our cry brings joy to our mother and the people who observe us taking our first breath.

Overwhelming. A single word that clogs my mind when I think about my experience of being present during a delivery.

45 agonizing minutes of pain was something I saw a mother going through. Thrashing and screaming as tears run freely; being reproached by doctors to push harder and breathe fuller and the contraction along with labour pain hitting her like a brick wall after every 10 minutes was painful enough to see and hear so I can’t even fathom how much pain that was.

The commencing few minutes of seeing the patient in pain was enough to groom my mind to just adopt in future, the next 10 minutes we observed her wailing in pain, and when finally a contraction reached the threshold, we were able to see the baby’s head. And that my friend was a magical moment. Me and my clinical group hugged each other with tears in our eyes as we observed a mother going through the most horrific 45 minutes of her life to give birth to a 3.5 kgs baby girl. And the whole experience was worth the agony we felt just as bystanders. We were proud of ourselves for making through it without passing out. I was proud of the mother who made through the pain and blessed her family with a jewel, and the relief; Oh! the relief me, us and I am sure the mother would have also felt, was contagious.

So salute to that mother for going through such a tremendous and horrific experience just to bring her child to life and to all the mothers in the world who gave birth to their lovely babies and my mom, who loves me like no otherin the world.


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