death was much fun than living.

The sun shines brighter today; or maybe I have opened my eyes a little wider and a little alive. Was I dead for so long? Damn! It does feel like I have been gone for a long time. I stare at the beautiful sky from the depth of my grave, all the colors mingled together, … Continue reading death was much fun than living.



The night falls. Thunder striking the sky, heavy rain pelting the brick roof of his lake house. He was shivering even in summer, the night was terrorizing for him. He walked into the kitchen to brew some coffee, he placed himself on the kitchen counter and scrolled through his phone when suddenly, . . . … Continue reading Nightmare.


I drowned.   I drowned like I had never before.   Lungs filled up to the brim.   I drowned like I never knew how to swim.   I let go of your hand & just stared.   Loosing myself in your gaze.   I drowned in the ocean of daze.   Unaware of the … Continue reading Drowned


"Shh! Don't cry, I will protect you." She hushed up, little hiccups escaping her quivering lips; it was one of those nights when she saw her father beating her mum into a pulp. Her brother, Elias, holding her in his arms, trying to make her quiet or she would be the one getting punched too. Things … Continue reading Abandoned


You broke my heart And claimed my soul Yet you are gone Like wind which never blew I tried holding on When other moved on You kicked me to the edge And watched me free fall Ripped our photos like memories Burned it into ashes like forest trees Yet you claim to be hurt When … Continue reading Gone….


A thought crossed my mind, If the sun is so bright, Why it still gets masked at night. Why a melody only feels good, And not so much after some time. Why beauty is not constant, And why not everyone beholds it. Why life is not so perfect, And why we try to pretend it … Continue reading Why?


Home is where the heart is; they say. I believe it. But as a med student I also know logically that heart is inside a membranous sheath called pericardium, then it is situated between the lungs and enclosed by the ribcage with a muscular layer on top. heart is surrounded and protected; well physically speaking, … Continue reading Tenure

wondering life.

Sometimes I wonder if the rain is more enjoyable than the warmth of sun? If the daylight makes it more easier to forget or the deep slumber of night? If the city lights are soothing or the lantern and stars? If the simple taste of coffee can relax the uproar in my mind? If happiness … Continue reading wondering life.

med diary.

3 weeks into my gynaecology and obstetrics rotation. I am exhausted, firstly. I am learning, secondly. Exhausted because to be very honest, med school is tiring. It doesn't spare you any moment for yourself, it's always about how to be always energetic and vigilant with what you do. It's a place where a mistake could … Continue reading med diary.

Med Diary.

We take our first breath whilst crying, but our cry brings joy to our mother and the people who observe us taking our first breath. Overwhelming. A single word that clogs my mind when I think about my experience of being present during a delivery. 45 agonizing minutes of pain was something I saw a … Continue reading Med Diary.

Humanity dies.

With big doe eyes, He looks up to the sky, Hands raised and he sighs, Blood oozing from his thigh, A prayer forming in his mind, He is too tired to sit upright, His murmurs are of good-byes, And with last prayer escaping his lips...he dies. Story of a Syrian boy.    

Let go.

Put a lid on it, Smile and nod your head, Agree to all bull-crap, Don't say a thing.. Bottle it up. Babe that's enough. Lean on air, You will come up, Suffocation, time is up! Now unseal your lips, Speak your mind, Unload, unleash and stretch, Look at the dipper, Make a wish, Breath fuller, … Continue reading Let go.